PLC Signal Processor Model:LDK-H00B01 PLC Brand:LD

Introduction:Industrial environment, high integration, seven-way switch input, four-way switch output, a group of RS485 signal input, a group of RS485 signal output, static electricity protection, surge protection, protocol conversion

Return list

The PLC Signal Processor is a highly integrated and reliable signal processor with 7-ch switching value input and 4-ch switching value output, which can better process the PLC control signal through the internal program of the processor. It has a set of RS485 signal input and a set of RS485 signal output, which can realize the docking conversion of the same signal, and can also realize the conversion processing of different signals.


Product Features:

Input signal and output signal software conversion, flexible and convenient, to meet a variety of industrial communication requirements;

7-ch switch value input to meet the centralized processing of multi-channel control system construction and signal;

Install the program download interface to facilitate program download and update, to meet the customization requirements of the processor's diversified functions;

RS485 communication serial port maximum speed 460800bps, transparent transmission, without changing the user communication protocol and data, can realize RS485 signal docking and signal conversion;

It can realize inputting RS485 signal, outputting multi-channel switch quantity signal, realize inputting switch value signal, outputting RS485 signal and other signal combination forms;

15KV electrostatic protection, 600W surge protection and other efficient and reliable circuit protection.