Junction Equipment,Connection Equipment Model:LDQ-JX0J66 Brand:LD

Introduction:Industrial Environment, Circuit Protection, Strong Structure, Light Weight, Easy Installation

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The Junction Equipment is suitable for providing circuit protection for power distribution facilities indoors and outdoors, and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, antistatic, corrosion resistance, convenient installation and good impact resistance.

The box of Junction Equipment is made of thermoplastic polycarbonate PC and a small amount of ABS, which combines the excellent mechanical properties of PC with the easy processing characteristics of ABS. Beautiful appearance, no burrs and strong performance. Light weight, about 1/3 of the same size of stainless steel box, easy to process and transport.

The sealing cover of the box cover fixes a foam rubber sealing ring with excellent performance. The sealing ring is also cast in one time, and there is no splicing gap, thereby improving the waterproof sealing performance, and the overall waterproof and dustproof level can reach IP66.

The box body adopts the hinge shaft to open the left and right sides. The fixing between the box cover and the box body is made of special screws. The box cover is inlaid with studs. When working at height, the cover is opened, and the screws are not completely unscrewed, so Dropped to facilitate on-site installation and improve construction safety.

The installation method is diverse, flexible and convenient, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The bottom of the cabinet has mounting holes that can be easily attached to the guardrail of the equipment with a U-shaped card, or fixed to the wall with dovetail screws, and can be screwed to any surface that can be installed.