Vehicular Network Video Equipment Model:LDK-KD0B26 Brand:LD

Introduction:Industrial environment, high integration, flexible operation, high reliability, control equipment, high-definition decoding, storage

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The HS5_Crane Special Net Video Processing Device is a multi-functional network video processing device with high integration, flexible operation control, small size and easy installation, and high overall reliability, which can be applied to various industrial environments. It can work independently or online.

HS5_Crane Special Net Video Processing Device is widely used in harsh environments such as ports, coal mines, steel mills, etc., which can maintain good performance.

Product Features:

Connectable to the third-party network cameras that belong to mainstream manufacturers and cameras that adopt ONVIF or RTSP protocol.

Supports live view, storage and playback of the connected camera at up to 4K (3840x2160) resolution.

Supports H.265, H.264 video formats encoding front-end adaptive access.

Centralized management of IP cameras, including configuration, information import/export, two-way audio, upgrade, etc.

Supports simultaneous 1-ch HDMI and 1-ch VGA outputs, HMDI outputs at up to 4K resolution.

Provides convenient UI operation interface, supports one-click to open the recording function.

Supports alarm access and linkage actions for VCA (Video Content Analysis) events of smart IP cameras such as line crossing detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, people gathering detection, fast moving detection., parking detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection, face detection, vehicle plate detection, audio loss exception detection, sudden change of sound intensity detection, and defocus detection and sudden scene change detection and other intelligent detection.

Supports smart search, smart playback and smart backup functions to improve the efficiency of video retrieval and playback.

Supports instant playback function, to play back the recorded video files of a specific channel in the live view mode, and do not affect live view of other channels. 

Supports up to 16-ch synchronous playback and multi-channel synchronous reverse playback.

Tag adding for record files, searching and playing back by tags.

Supports important record files locking protection function.

Supports HDD quota storage mode and HDD group storage mode; different recording capacity or period can be assigned to different channel.

Up to 2 SATA interfaces.

Supports accessing by the platform via GB28181 protocol and Ehome protocol.

Supports network detection (network traffic monitoring, network data packet capture, Network status checking).